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1. Introduction

This Gender-Based Violence (GBV) policy outlines the commitment of Cizoti Nigeria Ltd and Odyssey Educational Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “us” or “our”) to preventing, responding to, and supporting individuals experiencing GBV within our training center community. We define GBV as any harmful act directed at an individual based on their gender or gender identity, including physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse, as well as threats, coercion, and discrimination. This policy applies to all interactions within the center, including during training sessions, workshops, social events, online platforms, and communication channels.

2. Policy Statement 

We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for all participants, regardless of their gender identity or expression. We believe that everyone has the right to learn and participate in our programs free from GBV. This policy aims to:

  • Prevent GBV: Establish clear expectations and procedures for preventing and reporting GBV incidents.

  • Respond to GBV: Provide prompt, supportive, and confidential support to individuals who experience GBV.

  • Hold perpetrators accountable: Ensure appropriate disciplinary action is taken against individuals who violate this policy.

  • Promote awareness and education: Raise awareness about GBV and provide resources and training to participants and staff.

3. Definition of GBV / Prohibited Conduct

GBV is any harmful act directed at a person based on their gender or gender identity. The following behaviors are strictly prohibited within the training center: In the context of the training center, GBV includes but is not limited to:

  • Physical violence (hitting, kicking, choking, pushing, shoving, or any other form of physical aggression or harm) 

  • Sexual violence (rape, sexual assault, harassment, unwanted touching, groping, and any other form of sexual misconduct) 

  • Emotional and psychological abuse (verbal abuse, insults, humiliation, intimidation, threats, cyberbullying, stalking, derogatory remarks, spreading rumors, or other forms of emotional manipulation, control and/or psychological harm) 

  • Discrimination (any act or behavior that unfairly treats a person differently based on their gender, gender identity, or any other protected characteristic that creates a hostile or discriminatory environment) 

  • Harassment (unwanted comments, jokes, gestures, or behavior that creates a hostile or offensive environment for an individual). 

4. Prevention Measures

We will implement various measures to prevent through conducting regular training sessions for staff, instructors, and trainees on recognizing and reporting GBV, understanding the impact of GBV, building a safe and inclusive learning environment, bystander intervention techniques, prevention, and reporting procedures. More specifically, we will: 

  • Promote a culture of respect, inclusivity, and zero tolerance for GBV through code of conduct guidelines, communication protocols, and safe space initiatives.

  • Equip individuals with skills and strategies to safely intervene and support others experiencing GBV.

  • Encourage open communication and reporting of any concerns or discomfort through various channels.

  • Collaborate with relevant organizations and support services to offer comprehensive support to individuals experiencing GBV.

5. Reporting Procedures

We encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses GBV within the training center to report it immediately. Reports can be made confidentially to any of the following:

  • Designated GBV Focal Point: A list of designated staff members trained to handle GBV reports will be readily available and prominently displayed within the center. 

  • Direct communication: Speaking to a staff member, instructor, or another trusted individual. 

  • Anonymous reporting channels: A secure and anonymous online or offline reporting mechanism will be available for individuals who feel uncomfortable disclosing their identity. 

  • External resources: Reaching out to local support organizations or authorities

All reports will be treated with confidentiality and sensitivity. We will provide support and guidance throughout the reporting process.

6. Investigation and Response:

All reported incidents of GBV will be taken seriously and investigated promptly and fairly. The investigation will be conducted by a trained and impartial individual or committee. Upon receiving a report, the we will:

  • Conduct a prompt and thorough investigation. 

  • Provide support and resources to the victim, including access to counseling, medical care, legal assistance, and safety measures.

  • Take appropriate disciplinary action against the perpetrator, including temporary suspension or termination of employment or participation in the program.

  • Document the incident and all actions taken in accordance with relevant legal and ethical guidelines.  

Based on the investigation findings, appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken, which may include:

  • Verbal or written warnings

  • Suspension or expulsion from the program

  • Reporting to law enforcement

7. Support Services:

We recognize the emotional and psychological impact of GBV and are committed to providing support services to those affected. These services may include:

  • Counseling and emotional support: [one-on-one counseling]

  • Medical referrals: If necessary, we will help individuals access medical attention and support.

  • Legal advice and assistance: We can provide information and assistance in seeking legal recourse. 

  • Safety and security measures: We will take steps to ensure the safety of those affected, including reporting to relevant security agencies. 


8. Zero Tolerance Policy:

We have a zero-tolerance policy for GBV and is committed to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for everyone. This means that any act, language, or behavior that constitutes GBV towards any individual regardless of their gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, cultural background, and/or any other personal characteristic will be taken seriously and will not be tolerated.

9. Review and Revision:

This policy will be reviewed and revised periodically to ensure it remains relevant and effective in addressing GBV within the training center. Feedback from staff, instructors, and trainees will be actively sought and incorporated into the review process.


This policy reaffirms our commitment to creating a safe and empowering environment for all individuals within our digital skills training centers. By implementing this GBV policy and taking proactive steps to prevent and address incidents, we foster a safe and inclusive learning environment where everyone feels valued and respected.


This policy is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice. We encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses GBV to seek legal advice if necessary.

Contact Information:

For any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us at

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