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AutoCAD I - Getting Started

AutoCAD works as a computerized drawing board for designers. Computer aided designs are used for achieving accuracy in terms of scales and dimensions, and are also used to give a 2-dimensional representation of designs. 

Learning Outcome:  

  • At the end of this course, students will be able to set AutoCAD workspace, and become conversant with the drawing and modifying tools.

Duration: 4 weeks 

Registration Start Date: 

Registration Deadline: 

Students must:  

  • Have basic computer skills along with design and drafting experience.
  • Have the mental ability to represent a 3-dimensional space (optical view) on 2-dimensional spaces (computer screen or paper).
  • Know how to use Windows-based software.
  • Have AutoCAD 17 installed before course start date. 
  • Have Zoom app installed for weekly live video classes.

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